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The Simple Annealing System that Saves Your Brass

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Increase the accuracy and longevity of your brass cases with SASSYBrass.

  • Completely automates the Annealing process
  • Seamlessly integrates with Hornady and Dillon case feeders
  • Small and compact
  • Affordable!

Rifle Case Annealing System

The SASSYBrass System

SASSYBrass fulfills the need in the metallic reloading market for a compact, easy to use, flexible and affordable case annealing system. With the current shortage of affordable preloaded ammunition and limited availability of affordable reloading brass, it has become increasingly more important to improve the accuracy and extend the life of your brass cases.

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Built for Industry Leading Case Feeders

SASSYBrass was designed specifically to integrate with case feeders, such as the Hornady LNL and the Dillon XL 650. We have adapter kits that enable you to use your existing Case Feeder with the SASSYBrass unit, doubling it’s usefulness and automating the case feeding process for you.

Hornady Adapter Kit Dillon Adapter Kit

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