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SASSYBrass Stand-Alone Unit

$495.00 $445.00

SASSYBrass Annealing System in the standalone configuration processes brass by manually feeding the cases into the carousel one case at a time. It can be upgraded in the future by adding a Case Feeder Adapter Kit for the most popular case feeders in the market.


SASSYBrass Annealing System can be configured with or without an automated case feeder. In the standalone mode, the operator will feed the non primed brass cases into the carousel on the left had side. They are then advanced to the staging station, then to the annealing station and finally to the eject station where they drop into the catch basket. The time interval for the annealing station duration, torch temperature and height are all adjustable to accommodate different case sizes from 1.25 overall case length and up to .600 in diameter using the standard model. If you have the need to process Dangerous Game cartridges, i.e. 500 Nitro or 470 Nitro Express, you will want to upgrade to the DG-Unit as it can process 470 Nitro Express cases as well as standard sporting rifle cases.


  • Adjustable speed control for accuracy
  • CNC machined for precision
  • 6061-T6 aluminum for strength & durability
  • Simplistic design for ease of use
  • Flexible configuration for┬áversatility
  • Stainless steel connectors for longevity
  • Made in the USA for pride

Additional information

Weight 150 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 15 × 11 in


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