PRODUCTS – SASSYBrass w/Hornady Adapter Kit


SASSYBrass w/Hornady Adapter Kit

$595.00 $545.00

SASSYBrass Annealing System with a Hornady LNL Adapter kit includes:

  1. (1 ea) SASSYBrass Annealing System
  2. (2 ea) WT2301 torch holder brackets (Torches and tanks not included)
  3. (1 ea) Feed tube
    (from Case Feeder to SASSYBrass feed tube holder)
  4. Feed tube support
    (6″ X .60 X .50 6061 Aluminum with break-away clip)
  5. Case Feeder post
    (1″ X 1″ X 29″)
  6. Case Feeder post flange
    (secures the case feeder post to your workbench or other platform)


The SASSYBrass Annealing System with the Hornady Adapter Kit has all the same great features of the Stand-Alone unit but is configured slightly different to accommodate the left side feed tube adapter.  Notice that the torches are mounted on the front legs, the dashboard is located on the right hand side and the case eject port exits on the left.  All of the SASSYBrass parts are the same, this just demonstrates the built in flexibility of the SASSYBrass system.

Additional information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 11 × 15 in


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